UK High School

Why UK High School?

  • 1

    UK High School programme offers online lecture videos in Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History and Geography which are in line with IGCSE curriculum.

  • 2

    UK High School students have the right to apply to universities in the UK, the United States and throughout Europe without an examination at the end of their high school education.

  • 3

    Students can easily follow UK High School programme as it is completely online and they can study at their own pace.

  • 4

    UK High School students will have the opportunity to improve their English skills. They will also have the option of displaying English subtitle when watching the lecture videos.

  • 5

    Students can also request online 1 to 1 lessons from their personal tutor whenever they need to increase their knowledge and understanding of a particular subject.

  • 6

    The online distance learning programme offered by UK High School is approved and accredited by UK Accreditation.

  • 7

    UK High School students and graduates will have the privilege to join UK School Camp for a week with 30 % discount.

Need help?

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