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Benefits of UK High School Double Diploma Programme

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    In line with IGCSE Standard

    The UK High School Double Diploma Programme is based on the IGCSE curriculum. Students can be confident that the Double Diploma will allow them to apply for international universities with a fully accredited award that has real value. The Double Diploma is designed to give students the best possible advantage with their university applications.

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    Value for Money

    The UKHSDD is priced so that students and parents are encouraged to gain the maximum value from our course for a fraction of the cost of the IGCSE programme. Our diploma is a comprehensive course that only requires a one-off payment, there are no monthly payments or subscriptions. A single payment means that there are no hidden exam or certification fees, students can concentrate on studies without further financial concerns.

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    Another advantage of the UK High School Double Diploma Programme is that it is entirely on-line and can be completed at the students’ own pace. Students can devise their own timetable, one that works around their other commitments. The course material is always available for reference and students can return to any subject area that they wish to. The availability and instant access of the online system means that students can continue with their programme according to their personal circumstances. The course can be continued whenever and wherever the student decides, feedback will be available so that students can monitor their own progress and adjust their study programme accordingly.

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    Academic Advantage

    Students who complete the UK High School Double Diploma Programme gain a significant advantage when applying for entrance into international universities. The diploma demonstrates the high level of academic achievement and student ability to university admissions officers. A full academic transcript, outlining course content and grades achieved, will be provided with each diploma awarded. College admission staff will have a clear and comprehensive impression of the academic achievement reached by students. The detailed transcript shows exactly what subjects have been studied and what grades have been achieved, giving each student a personal academic profile that acknowledges and promotes their abilities and potential.

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    Growing Confidence

    Students who complete the UK High School Double Diploma Programme are found to be more confident and capable in their approach to pursue higher education. Students can clearly demonstrate their extra commitment to their own education and can promote their academic potential with evidence and confidence. Admission officers understand how much dedication is needed to complete the diploma and are aware that students who have completed the course will be strong candidates and committed students. The UK High School Double Diploma Programme is a record of achievement that students, parents, and teachers can be proud of.

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    Range of Subjects

    ‍The UK High School Double Diploma Programme includes 6 subjects from the IGCSE curriculum. We are the only school to offer such a full range of subjects. The course is supported by “easy to follow” on-line books and videos, which are designed to make learning interesting and interactive. The flexible nature of the programme allows students to progress organically through the course and to gain confidence in a full range of subjects not normally available in other IGCSE courses.

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    Student Support

    We offer individual student support through our dedicated team of Study Coaches. Students can easily access this support and feel confident that they will receive a reply to any questions quickly and efficiently. The UK High School Double Diploma Programme will ensure that each student can maximise their learning potential with the assistance of our dedicated, on-line team of study coaches.

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    Discount Education Visit to UK

    UK High School Double Diploma students can benefit from our discounted educational experience in the UK. Our international Study Centre in Brighton UK provides a perfect base for students to explore life and culture in the UK. Our programme includes education, cultural and leisure activities, including excursions to London and other significant cultural destinations in the UK. UK High School Double Diploma students can benefit from a considerable discount when they book an educational visit to the UK through UK High School Double Diploma Programme.

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