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Can UK High School students apply to university?

UK High School is a home-school programme that sits along side your own High school or senior school course and qualification. This UK High School Double Diploma demonstrates that you have dedicated time and energy to your own education and therefore you will gain credible advantage over your peers who are competing for university places.

Many international universities seek out home-schooled students because they know that these students are dedicated learners with disciplined experience to manage their own education. Motivated and committed home-schooled students are welcome at international universities and should be encouraged that home-school education is as valued as much as mainstream schooling. Please take time to explore these links to further inform you that with your UK High School Double Diploma, and your own national high school diploma or award, you will be welcome to apply to international universities.

How can I register to the platform?


  • sign in/register
  • register now (at the bottom)
  • select individual for students, institution for schools
  • fill in the form and you are registered

When can I start watching the lecture videos?

The institution you are registered under will assign you the education package. After that you will see the education package on your dashboard. You can click on it and start watching the lecture videos.

What do I do if there is a specific subject that I didn’t quite understand?

You can always ask for a private tuition for the subject you don’t feel confident via the internal messaging system. Our team will set the tuition and get back to you with a date and time that is convenient for both parties.

Is there a test or exam that I can test my knowledge as I go?

Yes, there are end of unit tests at the end of each unit. You can ask for them by clicking the button at the end of each unit. Once we received your results, your performance will be evaluated, and the result will be sent to you in 10 working days.

What happens if I cannot finish the course in 2 years?

You can ask for extension of 3 months. Your new completion date will be set, and you can inform us when you are ready for the exam.

What kind of certificate will I get at the end of the exam?

You will receive a UK High School diploma which is accredited by UK Accreditation together with a transcript that shows how you performed in each subject.

How can I use this diploma when I apply to universities in the UK, Europe, and the USA?

This Diploma is designed to enhance your education and your opportunities for the future. This diploma is completed along side your own National School Certificate and is based on the IGCSE syllabus. When you are applying to international universities, you will be required to produce a personal portfolio to submit to the admissions department of your chosen university.

International students do not need IGCSE to apply to international universities, this diploma demonstrates that you have studied to this level and that you can manage your own learning. The transcript will detail all your learning experience and achievement while studying for the diploma. This diploma will support your university application and give you academic advantage. The UK High School diploma is a home school programme and is therefore accepted by most international universities.

Need help?

If you require more information about UK High School you can always request a call back or write to us on Whatsapp.

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