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ENGLISH - Language and Literature

This course is designed to enhance your understanding of English. It focuses on the key areas of reading and writing skills and allows you to develop your comprehension of the English language through selected readings and tasks. The course is in line with the IGCSE English curriculum and will develop your ability to analyse and critique all writing styles and disciplines.

You will explore a variety of different writing styles and will have the opportunity to develop your own reading and writing ability. The course includes the study of different writing genres ( fiction, non-fiction, poetry and creative/imaginative), and will also provide you with important skills to help you to develop your own reading and writing ability.

  • 1 - Writing Skills: Transactional Writing (20 Topics)

    2 - Reading Skills (9 Topics)

    3 - Reading Skills: Poetry and prose fiction extracts (14 Topics)

    4 - Writing skills: Imaginative writing (8 Topics)

    5 - Reading and writing skills: Non-fiction (8 Topics)

    6 - Introduction to anthology poetry (12 Topics)


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