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Our IGCSE Geography course examines the natural, social, economic, and political factors that influence our ever-changing world and will help you understand ways of managing our environment sustainably and deal with social and environmental conflicts affecting our world.

You will also have a chance to examine a range of natural and unnatural environments, and study some of the processes which affected their development. You will look at the ways in which people interact with their environment, and the opportunities and challenges an environment can present, thereby gaining a deeper insight into the different communities and cultures that exist around the world.

  • 1 - River environments

    2 - Coastal environments

    3 - Hazardous Environments

    4 - Economic activity and energy

    5 - Ecosystems and rural environments

  • 6 - Urban Environments

    7 - Fragile environments

    8 - Globalisation and Migration

    9 - Development and human welfare


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